Loop Hero Tips – Top 3

Loop Hero is a unique game, and although it seems simple enough, it can be a rather difficult game to understand in the beginning. Unlike many newer games, Loop Hero doesn’t explain itself. This leaves the player to explore and discover the best ways to play the game for themselves.

If you are thinking of starting Loop Hero, or if you are stuck, we will be sharing some tips and tricks to help you through the beginner stages of the game.

Loop Hero Tips

Below we will go over a few tips to help you navigate the start of your Loop Hero game. Whether you are a beginner or if you’ve been playing already, you should find some helpful advice to make the game more enjoyable. 

Tip 1: Stats to Focus on Different Classes

There are three different heroes classes in Loop Hero. These classes are Warrior, Rogue, and Necromancer. As in other games, these classes all have different stats, strengths, and weaknesses. Here are the stats you should focus on based on the hero chosen.

  • Warrior: focus on HP (Health Points) and HP regeneration.
  • Rogue: focus on attack speed, evasion and improve your chances for critical hits.
  • Necromancer: focus on your maximum Magic HP, maximum skeletons, and attack speed.

Tip 2: Double-Check the Gear You Choose to Use

In this game, there are times where you may get higher-level gear. And, of course, your first instinct would be to swap it out for lesser leveled gear immediately. However, be careful, as sometimes the higher-level gear may not have the best effects on your game. Consider all the stats carefully before making a decision.

Tip 3: Learn About Synergizing Tiles

There are a lot of secret tiles waiting to be discovered. When placing new tiles, they all behave differently based on where you place them. For example, when placing a meadow next to another different tile (not another meadow), you will get a blooming meadow, which gives more HP than a regular meadow.

Can You Survive the Loop?

The above tips should help you to get started and survive longer in Loop Hero. Why not try surviving the loop now.

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